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1. Research and Inspiration: We began with an in-depth analysis of Gen Z trends, lifestyle, and design preferences. Our research included social media trends, pop culture references, and emerging design elements that resonate with this demographic.

2. Brand Identity: We've established a unique brand identity that is bold, authentic, and relatable. The brand name, logo, and color palette were carefully selected to communicate a sense of innovation while maintaining a connection to the wholesome nature of milk. We opted for a minimalistic approach, featuring a modernized milk droplet icon that represents purity and freshness.

3. Packaging Design: The packaging design is a standout feature of our brand. Cartoon box and the glass milk bottle are your well known design, but with a modern touch that will catch your eye everytime. Our packaging is as green as the pastures our cows roam, and we're on a mission to reduce our hoofprint one eco-friendly carton at a time.

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